Baby Development- Week 43

See a car and your baby utters ‘caaar’! That’s what is in store for you this week!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s brain starts connecting its knowledge of the world with that of words now. This is why you would find it speaking the names of objects such as toys and vehicles at their sight. This shows the development of its reasoning ability along with that of speech.

Baby’s Activities:

As your baby shows interest in language, it would be required of you to be encouraging. You may do this by being an avid listener and making your conversation two-way. Even though you might not understand each word of what your baby says, your speaking in response would encourage it to speak more and thus polish its skills.

The Thing to Watch Out:

Activities such as passing things or keeping objects at certain places can be taught to kids around this time. You may try this by asking your baby to pass on a toy or to keep one at its definite place during playtime.


Tips for Week 43:

  1. Your baby is not only outgrowing its clothes, but even its toys, baby cot and play gym now. It is important to dismantle such baby stuff and keep those safe as soon as those are not any longer used by the baby to avoid the house from being cramped up.

  2. If in case you do not intend to plan a baby ahead, you may go on to sell or give away the stuff that has been used by your baby already.

  3. The rainy season is the time when your baby could come across various kinds of infectious bacterias and viruses. Hence, keep your baby safe by avoiding going to public places during the rainy season.

  4. It is important to maintain a comfortable temprature for the babies. Therefore, if you find it getting cold durig rains, you might change your baby into full sleeve clothes. However, don’t cover it up too much as that could hinder the growing immunity of the baby.

  5. In summers, it is important that the baby is protected against sweat and is allowed to move around freely.

  6. It is important to protect the baby against mosquitoes in summers. For that, make sure that you change the baby into full sleeve clothes at night even in the summers.

  7. Keeping the house free from mosquitoes in summers is crucial to protect the baby from being bit by those.