Baby Development- Week 42

Take your baby out for an evening walk in a park around now; you might find it trying to be friendly with the other kids playing there!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s development now depends on the kind of environment it is exposed to. If you take it along to parks and let it have some time with other kids, it is sure to pick up things and activities. It might even start blabbering just like the kids it comes across and pick up conversation skills from them!

Baby’s Activities:

Your words start meaning something to your baby now as it can make out now if you are happy or annoyed with it. It is thus the right time to teach it the meaning of ‘no’, ‘stop’, ‘wow’ etc. However, make sure that you use the words such as ‘no’ sparingly as using those very often could lead those to lose weight and meaning.

The Thing to Watch Out:

You might find your baby being defiant at times. That is its way of exploring how things work in the world; hence, try to sooth it with love; yet don’t bend before its wrong demands!


Tips for Week 42:

  1. With your baby’s first birthday being around the corner, your mind must be buzzing with ideas regarding the celebrations. Discuss the plans with your partner and family to get more inputs.

  2. The celebrations are for your child,so make sure that it feels entertained while it is there.

  3. It can be a good idea to let the baby have a relaxed sleep before the celebrations so that it can enjoy its time at the party.

  4. You may feed your baby well before the party or take some food for it along so that its routine is not disturbed due to the celebrations.

  5. Your baby is gonna be showered with gifts of all kinds on its first birthday. It is important that you look into each gift carefully and see if it is apt to be given to your baby now. Toys that might be above its understanding could be kept away for some time.

  6. It can be a good idea to keep some new toys away from your baby and not to hand over lots of new ones to it at the same go. The new toys can be given to it to divert its attention when it is irritated or as a prize for learning something new.

  7. Though you might be tempted to do that, don’t let your baby have its birthday cake as it might not be good for it as yet.