Baby Development- Week 41

About ten months old now, your baby is always trying to reach out to the things that lie around it! By helping it resolve its curiosity, you would be supporting its curious mind to be more inquisitive.

Physical Development:

Your baby is doing so much now- scooting, crawling, stooping, squatting and even making efforts towards standing and walking! All of these are signs of its growing independence; however, this also means that you keep a constant eye on it, as your baby’s journey towards independence is bound to be full of bumps and falls! Also supply it with ample nutrients so that it gets the energy to conduct all these activities.

Baby’s Activities:

If you hold your baby by its arms now, it would stand and try to put a few steps forward. While changing clothes or while dressing up, it might try to push its arm out of the tee or leg out of the leggings. It might even try to hold the spoon or its sippy cup during meal times! These are all ways in which it would like to participate in the daily activities. Just be encouraging and clap for your baby when it performs any such activity!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Babies start enjoying throwing games around this time; hence, it is important that you stay prepared for some ducking. In order to stop your baby from playing such games, you may divert its attention towards other toys or games instead of rebuking it.


Tips for Week 41:

  1. Your baby is gradually mastering the art of crawling now. Click more and more pictures to keep the memories of these days alive with you!

  2. The toilet cleaners, acidic substances and all kinds of cleaning aids that could be harmful if in your baby’s hands, should be removed frm access as soon as your baby masters its crawling skills.

  3. Make sure that you keep the bathroom doors closed always as it is that one area where your baby can face various risks.

  4. Ensuring there are no water spills in the house is important with a baby around as you would not like to topple off with the baby in your arms!

  5. A crawling baby needs a clean house to move in as everything fishy would go in its mouth irrespective of it being dirt or waste.

  6. Make sure the paint peelings on the walls of your house are removed or covered before your baby gets on its feet as babies love tasting those!

  7. You might be tempted to make your baby eat what you eat, but make sure it is not very spicy, salty or heavy for the baby to digest.