Baby Development- Week 40

It’s time that you keep a double check on all things that lie around on the floor since your baby is a perfect crawler now and also has its ability to hold small things fully developed!

Physical Development:

By this week, you would notice that your baby could get hold of small objects very easily. It uses the pincer grip (using its thumb and forefinger) with perfection now, without resting its wrist on the floor. Using this new ability, it can pick up the things that lay scattered around on the floor and can easily put those in its mouth.

Baby’s Activities:

Though your baby has been crawling since a long time now, it is now that it becomes perfect at it. Now, its trunk stays parallel to the floor and thus it is able to cruise straight. However, if your baby has been trying to scoot till now and is suddenly trying to stand now, don’t be surprised as many babies tend to bypass crawling all together!

The Thing to Watch Out:

With your baby cruising around the house, it’s important that you don’t allow inedible things to be in its easy reach. Also keep a check on the things such as coins, bottle caps, candies etc that could cause a choking hazard as your baby is likely to pick those in its mouth out of curiosity.


Tips for Week 40:

  1. In order to get your baby in the habit of chewing its food, let it have some chunky food now. However, don’t make the chunks too big.

  2. Many parents desire their babies to be big and cheeky. However, it depnds on the family history, its diet and also its genetic structure to have a particular kind of physical structure.

  3. It is more important to have a healthy weighing and cheerful baby than being concerned about it not being fat and round.

  4. Ask your pediatrician on every visit if your baby’s weight and height are in proportion to its age. That would determine its proper development.

  5. Fruits that seem too hard for your baby to eat can be poached or heated in the microwave for a short duration to soften and then can be fed to the baby.

  6. There are popular apprehensions about using a microwave for heating the baby’s food; however no medical evidence have been found for microwave-heated food being unsafe for consumption.

  7. Now that your baby can sit properly, it can be a good idea to introduce it to a chair and teach it how to sit on it.