Baby Development- Week 39

You might feel tempted to interact with your baby using baby-talk; but did you know that it could hamper your baby’s speech development?

Physical Development:

Your baby’s vocal cords are fast developing and it is picking up words and sounds at a rapid pace. Even though, it might not be able to speak those clearly as yet, your baby needs to be responded with clear words so that it knows the correct pronunciation of all the words that it tries to speak.

Baby’s Activities:

During its efforts to speak words, your baby utters sounds such as ‘bah-bah’, ‘caah’, etc. These all stand for certain objects and as a parent, you should be telling your baby what those sounds stand for. Have conversations with your baby as this would help it pick up words and sounds faster than anything else!

The Thing to Watch Out:

As your baby starts understanding the importance of communication, your next step should be to help it associate symbols and gestures with language. This can be done by telling it when to clap or to wave or to throw a flying kiss.


Tips for Week 39:

  1. Dropping in suddenly during a working day to check on the baby can be a good way to ensure that your baby is well-looked after at the day care.

  2. If opting for a day care where food is also provided, it is important to ensure the quality of the food and check of your baby would be comfortable with the food served there.

  3. It can always be a good idea to pack your baby’s food and put it in its bag when you send it to day care.

  4. Inform the people responsible about the routine it follows in advance to make sure that your baby enjoys being at the day care.

  5. You might find your baby becoming naughtier and smarter as you start sending it to day care. This is because of the timeit spends with other kids there.

  6. Don’t take its age as an excuse, your baby can be taught the importance of hygiene by making it wash its hands before meals and rinsing its mouth after those.

  7. Your baby has pearly whites already; but are you brushing those? It is important to brush your baby’s teeth from the first day that they appear. Seek your pediatrician’s advise about this.