Baby Development- Week 38

You might notice some peculiar traits developing in your baby now as it starts revealing its personality and tells you that it not just another baby!

Physical Development:

More than the physical changes, your baby displays personality and temper changes now. You might find it getting irritated at little things or getting conscious in the presence of strangers. An irritated baby needs to be understood and it is best to allow it ample time to gel with the new environment or company.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby is turning out to be very observant of its surroundings now. It knows that when you dress up and head to the door, you are leaving and thus reacts when you are getting ready. The best way to cope up with this change is to hold your baby for a while and let it know that you would be back soon.

The Thing to Watch Out:

Temperamental changes and mood swings start appearing around now. Your baby might be playing one moment and might get irritated at the other. These changes need to be coped up with patience and calmness from your side.


Tips for Week 38:

  1. As ardent we are to seeour baby grow, similarly ardent are we to see our bodies shrink. Now is the ideal time that you can start exercising and lose that extra flab that seems to have frozen around your body.

  2. If working out is not an option for you, just wait as all that running after the baby in the months to come is surely gonna be nothing less of an exercise.

  3. Take care of your diet, now that your baby is having semi-solids itself and might not be breastfeeding, you might cut down on the fat content in the meals.

  4. Now that your baby recognises the people around it and knows how to entertain itself, you can let it spend some time alone with its dad so that they may bond and you too may get some time for yourself.

  5. If your haven’t done that till now, you might be considering going back to work at this stage as the baby is quite on its own now. However, make sure that you leave your baby in entrusted hands only!

  6. It is important to seek reviews about the day care facility where you decide to leave your baby and gain all information about it.

  7. Make sure you have the contact numbers of the day care facility so that you can easily check on your baby from your workplace.