Baby Development- Week 37

If you want your baby to understand the meaning of ‘no’, now is the right time to do that!

Physical Development: Your baby should be developing steadily with proper diet being provided to it. However, what develops faster around now is your baby’s ability to speak! Its blabbering is fast converting into jabber full of sounds that resemble words. Those words are nothing but the ones that it has been listening around itself!

Baby’s Activities: You might find your baby coming close to you and uttering sounds that you might not understand. It is trying to say something and the best way to respond to its blabbering is by speaking in return. This would encourage it to speak more and thus learn more words.

The Thing to Watch Out: Scold your baby around now and it would start crying. No, it did not understand why you scolded it, but it understands your tone! The best way to make your baby stop doing something would be to say ‘no’ and then provide it with another activity to indulge in.


Tips for Week 37:

  1. Many parents prefer shifting the mattress to the floor in order to avoid the chances of the baby falling off the bed.

  2. By the age of nine months, your pediatrician should allow you to introduce eggs to your baby. The ideal way to do that is to poach an egg and give only its yellow part to the baby.

  3. At nine months, your baby can also have milk products such as curd, cream and cheese. However, make sure that all of these are homemade and fresh before feeding to the baby.

  4. By now, your baby should be introduced to most fruits and vegetables. If still not, try to do that by making the baby taste some of those from your plate.

  5. While introducing foods, make sure to consider any food allergies that have occured in your family in the past. Your baby too might be affected by those. Consult your pediatrician before trying the allergic foods.

  6. Your baby should have outgrown its new born clothes now; and you must be looking forward to buy some new dresses for it. Do check the sizes of the clothes that came as gifts at the time of its birth as well, since many of those might fit properly now.

  7. In many cultures, the clothes of the first baby are not disposed or given to anyone. In order to keep those safe, you may wash them and then store them in a bag with naphthelene balls.