Baby Development- Week 36

Its experimentation time, as your baby starts displaying its knowledge of the association between various things. Try out new games to test this newly developed ability of your baby.

Physical Development:

Your baby has fun crawling around the house and in order to boost encourage it to do more of that, you may provide it with toys that roll or move on the floor. Model cars, rolling wheels and other such toys can be perfect for this purpose.

Baby’s Activities:

If you keep your baby’s toys at a certain place each day, now is the time that your baby tells you that it knows where those are kept. You may find your baby reaching out to that place and trying to pull out some of those around now. Also, it would remember not only the location, but even the methods in which those toys function.

The Thing to Watch Out:

Place a toy on a box and let your baby see this. Your baby would try to imitate this action by placing the toy in the box itself. This exercise lays the foundation for teaching your baby how to manage its toys and other stuff.


Tips for Week 36:

  1. One can find knee/elbow pads in the market that can be used when your baby crawls. However, some parents don’t prefer using these and like their babies to get used to the experience of crawling on the flooron bare knees and elbows.

  2. As your baby crawls, rolling toys could be the best ways to encourage it to move ahead and master the milestone.

  3. You could give soft or rubber balls to your baby to play with as it crawls around the house.

  4. The market also has various kinds of push toys available that are ideal for babies who crawl.

  5. Small toys that move and can be held by your baby easily are also suitable to be given to your crawling baby. However, make sure that those are not too small such that the baby can put those in the mouth.

  6. As your baby learns to crawl, it also stands endangered by heights as it still doesn’t know that the bed is higher than the floor. Hence, keep an eye on it as it sleeps.

  7. In order to be warned that the baby has woken up, you may place some tinkling toys around it, so that when the baby moves those, their sound lets you know that you should be close by.