Baby Development- Week 35

Now that your baby has established a routine and is quite settled, you might be thinking about travelling along with it. However, there are few things that you must bear in mind while doing so.

Physical Development:

Your baby is getting stronger with its increasing mobility. You must recognise the fact that this also calls for its increasing nutritional requirements that must be catered. Hence, make sure that your baby’s daily diet is inclusive of fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses and of course, milk, which is still a crucial part of its diet.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby is accustomed to its surrounding now. This is the reason that it might feel uncomfortable when you take it outside the house. In order to ease its discomfort and offer some friendly touch, you may carry along some of its favourite toys and its pacifier, if your baby uses one.

The Thing to Watch Out:

The attachment to its surroundings also means attachment to you. Hence, your baby might show heightened separation anxiety symptoms around this time. Make sure you don’t stretch the good-byes too long and allow your baby ample time to settle down with the caregiver before your exit.

Immunization Call:

Your baby is due for MMR (Malaria, Measles and Rubella) vaccine at around nine months. Check with your healthcare provider about it.


Tips for Week 35:

  1. When travelling with a baby, keep all its stuff, along with a few of its toys handy to sooth the baby in tricky situations.

  2. When irritated, your baby may seek its pacifier or thumb in order to calm itself down!

  3. Carry two extra sets of clothes along when you travel as you might need to change your baby’s dress during the journey.

  4. If bottle-feeding, you should have ample amount of warm water with you for preparing baby’s milk and cereal mix.

  5. If travelling by air, it is important to feed the baby while take-off and landing to avoid pain in the baby’s ears.

  6. Babies tend to respond differently when they are exposed to new environments. Hence, keep medicines for all ailments handy as you travel!

  7. In case your baby suffers from separation anxiety, let it take its time to adjust with new people and don’t force a stranger (however close a relative may be) on the baby!