Baby Development- Week 34

Your little crawling baby tries to hold on to things and take a few steps. These are its initial steps towards full-fledged walking and very soon, it would start walking with confidence!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s leg muscles are strong enough to hold its weight now and your baby shows this to you by taking support of chairs and tables to stand. It may even try to walk a few steps while holding on to those objects. Though initially, it would face some falls performing this feat, but it would surely master walking within no time! However, if your baby does not walk as yet, don’t worry, as the normal age when babies start walking ranges between 10 months and 2 years.

Baby’s Activities:

Another important thing that your baby is trying to master these days is sitting after standing. So, it’s a goodbye to those bumpy falls or the ‘stuck-standing’ issues after standing! Your baby folds its legs to come back to the sitting position after standing and is thus about to reach a wonderful milestone! Encourage it by clapping when it is successful in doing this!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Your baby’s first few steps might tempt you to purchase shoes for it. However, don’t do that, as wearing shoes at this age can affect the development of its foot and leg muscles. Moreover, the grip it can form while being barefooted cannot be achieved while wearing shoes!


Tips for Week 34:

  1. Babies tend to feel scared in the beginning as they try to sit from the standing position. Keep calm and encourage them to perform this activity. After having done it two-three times, a baby gains confidence to perform it easily.

  2. Removing all the easy to move furniture is a wise step as your baby starts walking taking support of such things.

  3. All the easy to open drawers and closets must be sealed so as to avoid any mishaps as your baby crawls around the house.

  4. Babies love to play with waste papers and boxes. You may yourself collect some clean but waste papers and keep those in a corner for it to play with so that you don’t need to bother about the kind of papers it is playing with.

  5. Many babies start displaying food preferences around this time. Though it is important to adhere to those, do keep on trying other kinds of foods from time to time as you would not like a picky baby in terms of food habits!

  6. Instead of foods made of single cereals or vegetables, you may combine a few of those in a meal to make the meals more nutritious for your baby!

  7. Around ten months old, your baby can be given curd and other milk products. However, consult about this with your doctor.