Baby Development- Week 33

Your baby starts expressing its fears and fondness around this time by crying at the things that displease and laughing at the ones that are appealing to it.

Physical Development:

Though the baby’s body is developing at a constant pace; its eyes are the ones that are fully developed now. Your baby can see things just like you now with its eyesight normalizing. It can see you and the world clearly now and thus would recognize people better even from a distance!

Baby’s Activities:

The pincer grasp (holding objects between the thumb and the first finger) of your baby is fully developed now, allowing it to pick up the smallest of the objects from the ground. It’s a call for you to keep the house clean and free from dangerous stuff now! Remember not to put small things such as coins etc on the floor as your baby might even try to put those in the mouth and hence, risk its own safety.

The Thing to Watch Out:

The sound of the doorbell or a pressure cooker might scare your baby and wake it up from sleep at times. But the sound of your phone makes it laugh. This is a way in which your baby reveals to you the sounds it likes and those, which it does not!


Tips for Week 33:

  1. Along with the eyesight, your baby’s eye color is also completely visible now. However, slight changes might occur with that with its increasing age.

  2. During outings, your baby sees various objects, the names of which can be told to it. You never know, it might say ‘caaar’ in its blabber the next time!

  3. With the improving coordination between its fingers and thumb, your baby can even point to various objects, in an attempt to ask you for those!

  4. Your baby uses its fingers in various ways; even to poke those into the tiny holes in the corners that you might have missed filling!

  5. A warm hug and a cuddle is what would help best to sooth your baby when it is gets afraid of some sudden sound.

  6. If your baby is teething, it would like to pick up stuff from here and there and put it in the mouth. You may keep a check on this by putting flower pots with sand beyond your baby’s reach.

  7. Babies, after 7-8 months, tend to dislike being in anyone’s arms. It is best then to use a stroller to carry them around during outings.