Baby Development- Week 32

Guess who wants to be a busy-bee these days? It’s your little angel! Provide it with ample activities so that it does not feel bored and gets to explore more and more!

Physical Development:

Your baby is trying to quench its thirst for knowledge about its surroundings by moving around and touching everything possible these days. Still, there could be times when it feels bored and wants something new to try its hands on. Provide it with objects such as empty boxes with various shapes, balls and soft toys in such situations. Make sure that these objects are free from sharp edges as your baby would try to explore those in every possible manner!

Baby’s Activities:

Your little one is turning into a noise-making machine nowadays as it likes to bang and throw all the objects on the floor. This is its way of exploring those. This even makes it important that you provide it with toys that make various kinds of sounds and are ease to hold.

The Thing to Watch Out:

Your baby is beginning to realize the functionality of things now. It knows a comb is for combing hair, a remote for operating television, a glass for drinking, a phone for talking and so on. Over the few coming weeks, you would find it imitating those actions, even though you haven’t taught it those! Actually, you have; by doing those yourself in front of the baby!


Tips for Week 32:

  1. It can be nice exercise for your baby if you tell names of a few objects to it every time, it plays with those, or the names of its body parts when you give it a massage. Though it would not be able to repeat those, but those names would get stored in its passive memory and it would be easy for it to learn those later.

  2. Wondering why your baby throws everything? Throwing makes you pick the thing up and this cause and effect relationship is what your baby is exploring!

  3. Every baby has a set of sounds and objects that appeal to it. Recognise those for your baby and keep those handy for times when your baby is irritated.

  4. Your baby might be given foods with textures now and this would make it learn how to chew. Remember, babies can chew even with their gums!

  5. Inculcating the habit of chewing can help you avoid feeding troubles in the longer run. Babies who are given mashed food for long, tend to develop apprehension for chewing.

  6. Though your baby cannot have the same food as you as yet, you may make it join family mealtimes, by giving it a plate and spoon and allowing it to play with those while you have your meal.

  7. Babies start developing tastes around the 8th month of age and thus might turn into a fussy eater. It is best for the parents in such situations to recognise the baby’s tastes and prepare its food accordingly.