Baby Development- Week 31

Your baby’s efforts to reach out to things while sitting are transforming into crawling steps now! Soon, it would be moving around the house on all fours!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s leg and arm muscles are strong enough to support its weight and it can sit properly now. It tries to reach out to things that lie at a distance and before you know it, it would start crawling towards those things. In preparation for crawling, it stands on all fours and tries to scoot to the things that it wants and might try to take a step or two. It is best in this scenario to let your baby play on the floor, as it would have the least risk of falling over there.

Baby’s Activities:

While the baby sits, it is curious about all the things that lie on the upper shelves. In order to seek those, it would try to take support of chairs, tables, shelves etc and stand. The initial attempts to do this might lead your baby to fall; but those are important for it to learn walking in the later run.

The Thing to Watch Out:

The attempts to crawl and walk lead a baby to fall and bump many times. However, parents should be prepared for it and should know how to sooth the baby, yet encourage it to try once again!


Tips for Week 31:

  1. Until the time your baby doesn’t learn to crawl properly, you may spread a carpet on the floor to prevent it from falling over its head. However, one must remember that the actual seasoning for crawling would occur when it is on the floor finally!

  2. The newly achieved ability to crawl makes your baby excited and it may bump into things in this excitement. So, be prepared!

  3. Babies like holding on to things and stand upright. This calls for you to run a check on all the furniture pieces lying around and remove the ones with sharp edges from its access.

  4. People may suggest you to buy a walker at this stage. No wonder, it gives a child the confidence to put weight on its legs, but might lead it to miss some of the crucial stages of floor-play!

  5. Babies learn to stand by holding on to things easily, but sitting back might not be learnt spontaneously. Hence, it is important that you are there when your baby tries all these tricks!

  6. Removing all the hazardous substances and articles from the easy reach of the baby is crucial when it starts crawling around the house.

  7. Make sure to keep the washroom, high-rise balcony doors closed when your baby starts crawling as a baby reaching to the these areas alone could be a risky situations!