Baby Development- Week 30

The baby is picking up more and more things now. So, don’t waste this time and teach it small gestures like flying kiss and clapping! Your teaching and a little encouragement would do wonders!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s mind is bustling with activity and it is becoming more and more conscious of the things that happen around it. So much so, it may even try to imitate a few of your actions or utter some sounds that appeal to it! You may teach some simple actions like waving, clapping and flying kiss to it now making use of its new ability.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby might cry on seeing another baby crying around it. Well, this is again an attempt on its part to imitate things that happen around it and of course, shows its emotional development. Try to sooth a baby crying like this by first taking it away from the other baby and then telling why the other baby cried. Your voice would be a divergence for the baby!

The Thing to Watch Out:

You get ready to go out and your baby gets anxious. This is because your baby is aware of your routine and knows how to get ready for going out. Tell your anxious baby that you would be back soon and cuddle it a lot before you leave so that it doesn’t miss you much.


Tips for Week 30:

  1. Your baby might start waking up in the middle of night now if it sleeps separately due to separation anxiety. Talk to your baby and let it know that you are around even though it can’t see you!

  2. It’s time that you run a check on your behaviour as well, since your baby is fast picking up things from your activities and would be imitating those not long before you realize!

  3. When the baby performs a certain action, encourage it by clapping and praising it. You may find your baby repeating the action over and over after this!

  4. Make a regular bed-time routine for the baby by maintaining the same ambience everyday. This would avoid night-time separation anxiety and make the baby sleep easily.

  5. Activities such as singing a lullaby, reading a book, snuggling a favourite toy or playing soft music can all help your baby sleep.

  6. If your baby sleeps in a separate room, try to make it more comfortable by keeping its favourite toy with it, or playing some soft music.

  7. It is important that your baby gets accustomed to a routine. Hence, try to follow it for the baby as well yourself and try not to disturb it very often!