Baby Development- Week 29

Your baby achieves important milestones around this time, that of separation anxiety and teething!

Physical Development:

Most babies start teething between 4th and 7th month of age and this is the right time that your baby gets its first pearly whites. Mostly, it is the lower front two teeth to come up; however, some babies develop the upper two teeth first. Anyhow, it is teething that is important and not which teeth. A teething baby can face certain difficulties; such as irritation in the gums, an upset bowel and not to mention, troubled sleeping.

Baby’s Activities:

You may start notice your baby being anxious when you leave it in someone’s hands these days. This is called separation anxiety and is perfectly normal, signifying proper mental development of your baby. Make sure you leave your baby in the hands of someone it is comfortable with so that it doesn’t miss you much!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Your baby might not be treating guests like before now. It cries when a new face approaches it. This is stranger anxiety and is again normal. Such behaviour reflects that your baby is becoming more and more conscious of the world around it!


Tips for Week 29:

  1. In order to cope up with separation anxiety, don’t make the see-offs long. A simple bye and a kiss should be enough so that the baby does not get more time to realize that you would be away for sometime.

  2. Initially, it is advisable that you keep your outdoor trips short, so that your baby gets accustomed to your absence. The trips can be made longer gradually.

  3. If you are looking forward to join a job soon, start working on separation anxiety beating exercises well in advance to avoid trouble later.

  4. If hiring a baby-sitter, let it be a known face for the baby so that it doesn’t face stranger anxiety while being with it.

  5. When your baby hesitates in meeting stranger, take it slow and easy. Give it time to analyze the new face and become friendly with the person. Eventually, it will go and meet them nicely.

  6. Worried about the gaps in your baby’s pearly whites? Don’t worry as gaps in teeth or odd angles of teeth correct themselves by the age of three, as the baby gets it complete set of teeth.

  7. The total number of teeth that your baby will get initially by the age of 3 is 20.