Baby Development- Week 28

Your baby is curious: how did that little ball go inside the larger one or what is it that tinkles in that rattle? You may encourage its probing mind by talking about the ball and shaking it more.

Physical Development:

Your baby’s mind is bubbling with activity now. It is developing the capability to question things as it observes those by touching or seeing. Your baby can turn its back while sitting now as its back has ample strength. Its physical development now depends on the quality of food that you provide it with. Hence, make sure that you introduce plenty of foods to it, but slowly and gradually!

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby is more like a curious cat and might like to touch things that it should not be touching. Your saying ‘No’ would not be understood by it; however, this is a good time to start conveying to it the meaning of this word!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Make your baby stand or sit before a mirror and it is likely to appreciate its reflection. However, if you appear in the mirror, it would turn back and look at you instead. This is because it knows that what it is seeing is your reflection and not you!


Tips for Week 28:

  1. Your baby is not able to understand what is wrong and right at the moment and this makes him seem defiant at times. Understand this fact and distract it when it does something you don’t like.

  2. Though your baby doesn’t understand the value of things as yet, it can be right time for it to learn not to throw away mobile phones just like rattles. Try teaching this difference to the baby by stopping it when it tries to throw the mobile phone.

  3. An irritable baby? It might be teething! Wash your hand and massage its gums lightly nearly thrice a day. This should sooth the irritation it feels.

  4. If your baby likes putting things into its mouth, it can be given chilled teethers during teething phase to help it sooth the irritation.

  5. Your baby’s habit of picking up things from the floor and putting those in the mouth could be responsible for its stomach-related problems. So, don’t blame it on teething!

  6. Your baby might have to be told many times so that it remembers a thing. This is because its brain is not as developed to remember things for long as yet!

  7. Your baby likes to put things into each other. In this case, help it know which object would go into the other and which wont.