Baby Development- Week 27

New games, new activities and captivating objects, your baby is all about these now!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s mental development has reached a high point as it should be able to relate objects with each other now. This can be checked by keeping one object over the other and then removing the first to reveal the second. Repeat this action a few times and then remove the hidden object. Your baby would still look for it under the first object. Such games challenge the baby’s mental growth and boost its reasoning skills as well!

Baby’s Activities:

After finger foods, the next step for your baby would be the sippy cup. The cup should have two handles so that the baby can also learn to hold it. At first, the baby might not be comfortable drinking from it, but eventually, it would learn how to use it. This would be your first move towards helping it leave using bottle altogether.

The Thing to Watch Out:

The ability to relate objects also makes your baby play with the objects of which it is already aware. You would find it laughing and reacting to those objects even after having played with those for weeks, just because it knows what is going to happen next.


Tips for Week 27:

  1. If you are breastfeeding your baby, the introduction to the sippy cup could help you skip using bottle altogether!

  2. In order to encourage your baby to use a sippy cup, try to make using it a game for the baby. You may sing or smile with the baby as it uses it to make it more comfortable with the cup.

  3. You can now recognise which toys are your baby’s favourite. If your baby cries when a certain toy is taken away, it should be considered its favourite.

  4. Your baby’s fingers and thumb form the correct grasp now. Provide it with objects of various shapes and textures so that it can learn about those by holding them.

  5. As your baby moves towards independence, you could have some time for yourself. Use that time to relax and refresh your body and mind.

  6. Your baby doesn’t only relate objects but even relates itself and its activities to you now. This could be troublesome if you are looking forward to step out to work in some time. Allow its babysitter to spend time with the baby now, to make them both comfortable with each other before you rejoin work.

  7. Your baby likes exploring new shapes and providing it with empty containers and jars etc would let him play with new toys. Not to mention, it would be occupied for some time with its new-found toys!