Baby Development- Week 26

Your baby tries to get on its feet these days. Fear not and encourage it to bounce more as this is its first step towards walking!

Physical Development:

Your baby is able to transfer objects from one hand to another now and use its fingers, thumbs, wrists, and palm well. This indicates the development of its fine motor skills. This is also high time that you start encouraging your baby to develop its gross motor skills; such as crawling and standing. This can be done by keeping an object (such as a toy) beyond its reach and asking the baby to get it.

Baby’s Activities:

You might notice your baby trying to put weight on its legs now by trying to stand and then bounce up and down. The action pleases you and the baby both and is also an exercise that is essential for it to gain leg strength. Hold your baby firmly yet softly while it bounces and try singing as it does that. This would be like providing it with music as it dances!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Babies around this time start paying attention to details and this is the reason that you should be checking its toys for any sharp edges or detailing.


Tips for Week 26:

  1. Your baby might get attracted towards a soft toy around this time. This is a natural tendency, which should be supported by letting the baby have its favourite toy around it most of the time.

  2. Teething babies tend to put all their toys in their mouth; which could be an activity inviting germs. Hence, make sure you clean or wash the baby’s toys at short intervals.

  3. If your baby sleeps in a crib, make sure you remove larger toys from it when the baby sleeps as those could be used by the baby to step on and jump out of the crib.

  4. Your baby would love to examine its surroundings well, especially the minor details, hence, baby-proof your house by removing all dangerous stuff from its access.

  5. A bouncing baby may tire itself due to all the excitement and could then find it difficult to sleep. A leg or feet massage in the night could help in making the baby sleep peacefully.

  6. As you encourage your baby to grab things that lie at a distance, make sure to applaud when the baby achieves its goal, as this would boost its confidence even more!

  7. Your baby should be moving on to slightly textured foods from clear purees now. Don’t worry if it doesn’t have teeth as yet, as babies’ gums are strong enough to chew small bites.