Baby Development- Week 24

Your baby is fast heading towards the art of communication now and you may help it by teaching it a few signs.

Physical Development:

Your baby’s hand and leg coordination is mostly developed by now. The next step for you should be to help with its motor skills development. This can be done by teaching it signs denoting things such as book, food, bye etc. Though your baby might not learn associating those with the actual objects very soon, it would learn eventually.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby is developing tastes no. It would refuse the foods that it does not like and would express its comfort with the ones that it likes. It is upto you to help your baby recognise various tastes and yet make it comfortable with the foods that you prepare for it.

The Thing to Watch Out:

Your baby enjoys making sounds; whether table-tapping or water-splashing. Encourage it to play those as these inculcate the ability to coordinate with the events occurring around it.


Tips for Week 24:

  1. In order to make mealtimes easy for you as well, you may prepare some kinds of the baby food in large quantities and store those in the freezer. Some such foods are steamed fruits and vegetables and homemade multigrain mixes.

  2. Always wait for your baby to develop a taste for a certain food before moving on to the next level.

  3. Babies mostly turn their face away or try to move your hand away with their palm when they are done with the meal. Recognize the sign and stop feeding at that point.

  4. Your baby would not reveal whether it is left or right-handed until almost two more years. Hence, stop speculating now!

  5. Babies start creating sounds by this stage; hence, introduce them to new sounds as you talk to them.

  6. A good way to communicate with your baby would be to narrate stories to it. Keep those interesting by bringing in voice modulations and various kinds of sounds in the narration.

  7. It is important for your baby to consume some amount of every food at this juncture to avoid food tantrums in the later run.