Baby Development- Week 23

Applause please! Your baby starts crawling now and is all joy due to its achievement! At the same time, you should be more careful about its activities now as it can reach to the nooks and corners with ease!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s leg and arm muscles are strong enough to support its weight now. It would continue gaining strength with the baby starting to crawl. However, you should be alert now and monitor your house for all the things that could prove harmful for your baby and remove them away from its access.

Baby’s Activities:

Apart from crawling, quite a few of the parents also might observe their babies sleeping on the belly around this time. This is also a sign of your baby’s independence as your baby can roll over as per its needs now. However, take care that your baby doesn’t suffocate itself with a pillow while rolling over.

The Thing to Watch out:

You are faced with a choice between homemade and commercial baby foods around now. The choice is always yours to make as per your time availability and convenience. Still, it must be said that there is nothing more nourishing and hygienic than homemade food!


Tips for Week 23:

  1. Your baby’s food must be free from any chunks at this time as it cannot chew. Pureeing and straining the food can help ensuring this!

  2. Babies resist eating with a spoon in the beginning; however, making meal times fun by singing to the baby can help keeping them calm.

  3. It can be a viable step to put the baby back on its back when you find it sleeping on its tummy to avoid any mishaps.

  4. Remove all toys and extra pillows from around your baby during night so as to avoid the chances of any accidents.

  5. If your baby sleeps in a cot, shaking off its sheets in the night before making the baby lie in it would help ensure that it doesn’t carry any objects that can risk the baby’s safety.

  6. It can be even tiring for a mother to run after the baby as it learns to crawl. Hence, you may stick to your routine of taking a day-time nap or opt for extra help.

  7. There are things that your baby prefers to eat above others. Keep those handy while trying new things as you can give those if your baby disapproves of the new food’s taste.