Baby Development- Week 22

Yipee!! Your baby is achieving the six-month old milestone and has started revealing its personality traits to you! So what is your baby like- quiet and calm or naughty and restless?

Physical Development:

Your baby’s body muscles develop more effectively once it starts moving by itself. This is the reason you find it surprising you and itself by doing new things each day. Remember, your baby is an explorer at this moment; it likes to explore the world around by touching and picking up things. Hence, keep all things too small away from it to avoid cases where it may put those in its mouth.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby is enjoying its new-found freedom and can now rake objects towards itself in order to check them out. It loves to explore the moving parts of its toys such as wheels. You may include toys that have colourful wheels in its toy collection to boost its new interest!

The Thing to Watch out:

Baby still waking up in the night? It is normal; however, around this time, you may start trying to put the baby back to sleep by soothing it. Also ensure that the baby doesn’t sleep for too long during the day. If a baby plays enough in the day, it is sure to sleep well through the night!


Tips for Week 22:

  1. Babies, by the time they are six months old, start giving reactions at the sight of new things. You would notice this when you take your baby out on a drive or ride!

  2. Hold your face close to your baby’s, as babies this age love to touch eyes, mouths, noses and ears. You may also start telling it the names of each part, though it might not be able to respond to those yet.

  3. Peek-a-boo is the game that you could play with your baby as your baby would love to be surprised by your face emerging from behind a piece of cloth or your hands.

  4. If you like to leave your hair untied, you might prefer tying it up now as most babies love pulling hair!

  5. Be sure that your baby’s nails are well trimmed as it might hurt you or itself during one of its exploration drives!

  6. Keep those glasses away from your baby as babies love playing with glasses and can very conveniently smash those on the ground before you can rescue them!

  7. Letting the baby cry for a while in the night might help it get back to sleep!