Baby Development- Week 20

Your baby is trying to get more and more independent now and this calls for you to do some clearing all around the house!

Physical Development:

Most babies start trying to crawl by the time they are 20 weeks old. Though they might not be able to crawl properly now, but it would surely try to be on all fours and make attempts for crawling forward. Be a sport and clap for your baby as it tries to do that!

Baby’s Activities:

When sitting or lying down, the baby would also be able to shift a toy between its hands by now. It would know how to push it far and then pull it back. This is going to be its latest activity and would be a delight for some days to follow!

The Thing to Watch out:

As your baby starts crawling or trying to be mobile, your first step should be to baby-proof your house. This would be done by removing all things harmful to your baby from its access points. Covering the electrical sockets should be the first step you take in this direction! Start these preparations now itself, as it is not too long before your baby starts crawling!


Tips for Week 20:

  1. In order to check what all would be accessible to your baby, you may get down on all fours and analyze your house and then remove all things dangerous.

  2. Babies like to open drawers and cabinets and risk pressing their fingers while closing them. Hence, lock all the cabinets and drawers that are low-lying to keep your baby safe.

  3. Within a few days of crawling, your baby would start pulling itself up by holding the furniture pieces around the house. So it is important to check for any sharp edges on the furniture pieces that you own.

  4. Since your baby likes to move the objects between its hands, you might like to give it toys that can fit in its hands properly. Too big toys would not offer it much enjoyment.

  5. Most babies stop having flatulence when they start crawling or turning; however, you can help the baby avoid this trouble by boiling its water with a few fennel and carom seeds.

  6. A crawling baby is a delight to watch; however, it is crucial that there is someone to look after the baby as it crawls to avoid any accidents.

  7. Your baby smiles, but has it given a hearty laugh as yet? If no, be ready to capture those moments soon as babies this age start laughing heartily at amusing things.