Baby Development- Week 19

Long naps might be becoming a thing of the past, as your baby likes to stay awake for long hours in the day now!

Physical Development:

Your baby likes to get hold of the things around it now. This is yet another move that it is making towards its independence. Very soon, it would be able to crawl and walk. It might also be the right time to introduce a sippy cup to your baby. Use it to feed juices and other fluids (not water if you are not giving solids).

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby likes to do sit-ups when you hold it straight in your lap nowadays. This is just what it looks like- an exercise which would strengthen its leg muscles and prepare it to crawl and walk in the time to come.

The Thing to Watch out:

Your baby takes shorter naps now. It might not be sleeping for long hours during the day; which is normal for babies this old. However, make sure it sleeps for 14 out of 24 hours as this is the average amount of rest that a baby this old should take.


Tips for Week 19:

  1. Sippy cups must be used for one kind of fluids so that the baby starts relating the cup with that. So, make a wise choice of the fluid that you would like to give through those.

  2. Most babies around 20 weeks old take two naps in a day and sleep through the night. If your baby doesn’t do that yet, you too may start seeing it do that soon!

  3. Wondering if you can give your baby water? Water should be given only when your baby starts consuming solids/semi-solids. A baby having only milk doesn’t need extra water.

  4. Your baby loves to do sit-ups; however, be very careful as it does that because it puts its entire weight on your hands while doing this activity.

  5. You might even try making your baby feel the floor at this stage by lowering it on the floor and allowing it to feel it with its feet.

  6. The best toys for your baby are the ones that it can hold in its hands and practice its gripping skills with!

  7. Doing sit-ups might make your baby feel tired; hence, massaging its legs lightly in the night can help it feel relaxed!