Baby Development- Week 18

Your baby might be interested in checking out the food that you eat these days. This is a clear sign that it would like to taste some solids and semi solids! However, don’t let the baby consume any food from your plate yet!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s neck and back muscles are quite strong by now and you may try to make it sit by giving ample support to its back using pillows when you are around. A few days practice with the pillows would give your baby the confidence to sit independently. Make sure you encourage the baby at this moment with an applause as it is going to be a huge milestone for it!

Baby’s Activities:

Apart from the efforts at sitting, your baby is able to support its neck when you hold it straight against your shoulder. Even though it is a great achievement, you would still like to keep support for its neck as it cannot hold its back erect as yet!

The Thing to Watch out:

Some babies might get a bit fussy and irritated at this time. You might find them putting things or fingers in their mouth along with signs such as drooling. These symptoms indicate that your baby is soon going to have teeth. You can comfort the baby through these symptoms by rubbing its gums with your clean finger.


Tips for Week 18:

  1. If planning to start solids for your baby, rice based cereal mixes and juices are the best foods to opt.

  2. Apart from rice, barley and oatmeal could also be viable options for cereals to be given to your baby.

  3. Your baby loathes appreciation and attention. Hence, appreciate its efforts by your smiles and claps to encourage it.

  4. Ear pulling is another sign of teething which you can recognise and help your baby through this stage.

  5. Even though your baby starts showing signs of teething, it might be weeks before its first teeth show up; hence, be patient and try to make the baby as comfortable as possible!

  6. Teethers might not be a viable option for giving to your baby while teething due to hygiene-related issues; hence, consult with your healthcare provider before you offer those to your baby.

  7. Carrot sticks, cooled in the refrigerator can be a good thing for your baby to nibble at while teething; however, be careful that it doesn’t swallow a bigger chunk from it!