Baby Development- Week 17

Stepping into the fifth month of its life, your baby would display slight changes in its feeding pattern. Its hunger would increase and it would not need to be fed as often as before!

Physical Development:

By this time, your baby should be weighing more than twice of what it weighed at birth. It would show dissatisfaction with the amount of milk that it had been having till now and would ask for more. At the same time, it would not require being fed very often; the number being four to five feedings per day. However, if your baby is exclusively breastfed, the number of feedings might be higher than this.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby has started being aware of its settings and is easily distracted now. You would notice this tendency very easily when you are feeding it as even the slightest of sounds and anyone coming close to it while feeding would mean it being pulled off the feed.

The Thing to Watch out:

You would find your baby staying busy with itself around this time. It would like to play with small toys that it can hold and fiddle with its fingers giving you some time to relax, read some magazine, talk to a friend or watch some TV show; however, do keep a watch over the baby while doing any of this!


Tips for Week 17:

  1. Troubled by a distracted baby, you might consider feeding it in a quiet and dimly lighted room to avoid any distractions.

  2. Baby having more milk is also a sign for you to relax a bit as you do not require running for feeds any longer. What’s more… sleeping for more time in the night is of course a welcome change!

  3. Your baby enjoys repeated actions now; this is because of its tendency to explore things and actions happening around it. Also, it is learning the correlation between cause and effect now!

  4. With the baby enjoying some exclusive playtime now, you too can start grabbing some moments for yourself. Utilize this time by indulging in some of your favourite activities.

  5. In order to take a break from the hectic schedule, you may plan an outing with your friends, leaving your baby with a sitter or your husband. This would also give them both some time to establish a bonding.

  6. Babies often get fussy by the time the day comes to an end. Hence, instead of planning a dinner out with your husband, you may get out for lunch so that your baby may too enjoy its trip out!

  7. Your breast milk starts containing minerals and nutrients essential for your baby at this time; hence, you may not feel concerned about not giving it any additional stuff to eat yet.