Baby Development- Week 16

This week is the time when you could hear the magical sounds of “ma”, “ba”or “da” for the first time! So, keep your fingers crossed!

Physical Development:

Your baby has been deriving all its nutritional requirements from breast or formula milk till now. However, you might be concerned if you should be giving it solid food from now on. The fact of the matter is that your baby’s digestive tract is ready for solids now; however, in some cases, starting with solids this early can lead to allergies. Hence, the best idea would be to consult your paediatrician before taking any decision.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby’s cooing and gurgles are transforming into proper sounds now; though it would not relate those sounds to any object or person at this point of time. Still, these sounds are the first steps it would take towards speech. You may encourage the baby by speaking simple sounds like ‘ma-ma’, ‘da-da’, ‘ba-ba’ etc in front of it, so that it tries to mimic those.

The Thing to Watch out:

Your baby is trying to imitate what it sees or hears now. Test this by saying something loud and hearing your baby respond by creating a similar sound!


Tips for Week 16:

  1. The lessons in speech begin from the 16th week itself as you can start showing your baby objects and telling it their names so that it knows about those.

  2. Pureed foods and cereal blends are the best foods to start feeding your baby solid foods.

  3. Solid foods must be started by giving those to the baby for one meal only, then moving on to two and then three gradually.

  4. Though you must be keen to see your baby eat various kinds of foods, introduce one food at a time to your baby and see that its digestive system accepts it properly, before giving another food item.

  5. The best way to feed a baby is by making it sit on a feeding or high chair, sitting in front of it and making proper eye contact while feeding the baby.

  6. Use sterilized utensils for preparing and serving baby food to avoid any chances of infection.

  7. Your practitioner might recommend you to start feeding solids only after six months, in which case you can start giving juices and soups to the baby at this time.