Baby Development- Week 15

Your four months or 15 weeks old baby is all set to rock and roll the world as its hand and leg muscles are strong enough to support its body for the rolling action.

Physical Development:

Your little ones arm and leg muscles are strong enough to support its weight when you make it lie down on its tummy; thus, enabling it to perform mini push-ups. It might even surprise you some of these days by rolling back to the front or the other way round. It means that you should be prepared for this event and be very cautious while leaving it alone.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby is discovering the world around itself along with its own body these days. You could find it holding its hands or feet one or the other time and fiddling with it just like it would do to any toy. Let it explore its findings and enjoy them!

The Thing to Watch out:

You might discover your baby being irritated when you are in the company of new people. This indicates its pickiness and the tendency to relate to known faces. This is a new trait that babies develop around this time and you need to support the baby through this so that it can interact with people cheerfully.


Tips for Week 15:

  1. If your baby is not rolling over yet, you may encourage it to do that by keeping a toy on its side so that it may roll in an attempt to catch it.

  2. The baby’s first (or first few) roll would be a surprise for it as well, so be ready to reassure and comfort it if it gets scared by the event.

  3. If you are opting for a baby sitter, it is important that you stay around for some time and allow them to bond before you leave the baby alone with the sitter.

  4. If you thought it was only the faces that the baby related to, you are wrong as it relates to the environment it lives in as well; so make the baby comfortable in a new setting by being close by all along.

  5. At parties and gatherings, your baby might like to be around noisy and active children, which is natural for all children this old.

  6. Your baby kicks when you call its name. This is its way of reacting to your sound and appreciating your presence!

  7. You are probably too busy looking after the baby these days; however, don’t ignore yourself amid all this as your health is directly related to your baby’s well being.