Baby Development- Week 14

Guess who is the new social bunny in town? It’s no one but your little wonder as its socializing skills are developing faster now!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s mind is trying to learn about all the things that occur around it. You might notice it looking at you when you attend a phone call or making sounds in an effort to talk on phone. It might also pass a smile on seeing you laugh or talk to someone. All these are ways to participate in the ongoing conversation. So, do include your little baby in all things you do to make it feel a part of it all!

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby’s grasp is improving with each passing day and it is enjoying holding its rattles. However, it might still not be able to shake those itself. It would also be making attempts to shift the rattles from one hand to the other and would soon be a pro with that as well!

The Thing to Watch out:

It’s a full night’s sleep for a few of you now as many babies start sleeping for six hours in the night around this time. However, for all those who still have to wake up for night feeds, patience is the key!


Tips for Week 14:

  1. Apart from a good night’s sleep, your baby needs at least two day-time naps till it is one year old. So, help it fall asleep whenever you find it getting irritated or tired.

  2. Your baby loves the baby it sees in the mirror; however, it doesn’t yet know that it is him only. This is an exercise that improves its socializing skills and should be undertaken once in a while.

  3. Though many mothers may find it odd, but your baby connects to your voice more than anything else. So, talk to it about everything, even the mundane chores to make it involved in your life.

  4. Your baby’s smile would soon be turning into a hearty laughter as it starts socializing so keep a video camera ready to capture those precious moments!

  5. Babies love to watch pets and animals play; however, they do not know the rules of safety. So, be watchful with animals around your baby.

  6. You might wonder, seeing your baby hold things, if it a leftie or a rightie; but this wont be revealed until it is 2-3 years old!

  7. Your baby coos or squeals when it watches many people around it. Those sounds are its calls to those people to talk to it as well!