Baby Development- Week 13

By the 13th week of your baby’s life, it should be able to co-ordinate its legs and arms movement. Those kicks should certainly be getting fiercer now!

Physical Development:

The legs and arms muscles and bones are getting stronger resulting in their better flexibility. At the same time, it is able to co-ordinate its eye, leg and arm movements in a better way. You can test this by holding a toy above your baby and seeing it swat at it. This would show its physical as well as mental development.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby should be trying to aim at all the things in its reach. Due to the ability to swat, it can now pull the toys hanging above it down and perhaps might harm itself in such an attempt. Hence, you might want to remove the toy mobile on its cot now.

The Thing to Watch out:

Your baby loves being close to you, being touched by you. This in fact boosts its growth and nurtures the bond that you both share. The best time to explore this method of bonding is while massaging the baby or while soothing it when it is upset or irritated.

Vaccination Call:

Your baby is or is about to be 4 months old and this calls for a booster dose of DTaP, HiB, IPV, PCV and Rotavirus vaccines.


Tips for Week 13:

  1. Allow your baby some time each day to lie on a flat surface and move its legs. You can encourage it to move more by talking to it and clapping at its actions. These movements act as exercises for the baby and would strengthen its body.

  2. Your baby is exploring the world around by touching it; hence, make sure to bring it in contact with various kinds of objects with varying textures.

  3. In case your baby loves its mobile, instead of removing it completely to avoid any risk, you may just replace its hard toys with soft ones!

  4. Your baby would be able to grab things and start putting them into its mouth before too long; hence, make it a habit to keep dangerous or too small things out of its reach.

  5. While massaging, look into your baby’s eyes and sing to it. This would make the bond between you two stronger and the massage time fun!

  6. There are time when a baby might not enjoy its massage, in such cases, don’t pull the massage hours to be very lengthy and keep the baby calm in the best possible manner.

  7. It is normal for a new mother to feel exhausted with all the work around the baby and home; however, if the tiredness is too much, you might need to meet your doctor and take some nutritional supplements.