Baby Development- Week 12

Your baby would make it clear to the world around this time that you and only you are its world by greeting you heartily above everyone else!

Physical Development:

While your baby’s body gains more and more strength from its diet and exercise; your baby’s brain is experiencing drastic development around this time. It is learning to recognise you among a group of strangers and can also differentiate a familiar set up from an unfamiliar one!

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby is loving to make eye contact with people now and is thus becoming a social butterfly. However, if it does not like someone, it would simply rush back to your arms expressing its discomfort. This would also show how the baby trusts you above everything and everyone else!

The Thing to Watch out:

Amazingly enough, your baby’s knowledge of journey begins from this early stage itself. If you talk in two languages, your baby would pick up both, even if it were not able to speak now. Hence, go on and talk your heart out to your little bundle of joy!


Tips for Week 12:

  1. Your baby would should various ways of recognising you; one of those would be opening up its arms at the sight of you, asking you to old it.

  2. A little game that you can play with your baby around this time is sitting beyond its sight and calling it. Your baby is sure to move its head around in an attempt to search for you!

  3. Those gurgles and cooing sounds that your baby makes when it looks at you are its attempts to talk to you. So, go ahead, talk to your baby and encourage it further!

  4. Your baby’s brain is functioning fast and it has a sharp memory. Hence, even if it does not speak to you now, it does remember all the things that you show to him on a trip out!

  5. For those who thought that talking to a baby would just help encouraging it to speak, it would be interesting to know that such babies also tend to have higher IQs!

  6. Your baby might not be holding its toys right now, but it sure has its favourites! Recognise those among its other toys and keep those handy for using when your baby is restless.

  7. The mother is the most important person for a baby at least during the first few months of its life. Hence, it is crucial that you stay along with your child during this shaping period of its life!