Baby Development- Week 10

Keep your camera ready! You might catch your baby offering a genuine smile anytime around these days!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s jerky and asynchronous movements are gradually smoothening and becoming co-ordinated. You would find it greeting people with its smooth movements and this also reflects its social capabilities. You might find it smiling at some new people while crying when it meets others and thus expressing its friendly nature.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby would love to move its legs and arms more now and to allow it space for that, you may spread a blanket or mat on the floor and make it lie on that. This would encourage it to experiment with new movements and discover the world around it better. Also, this would be an exercise that would boost its leg and arm muscles development.

The Thing to Watch out:

Observe your baby’s behaviour on meeting new people. If it is not pleased to meet someone, take it back in your arms and persuade it to smile at the person in question.


Tips for Week 10:

  1. Post the age of two months, your baby can have a proper bed time routine including activities like listening to lullaby, talking to mom or hugging a toy which would indicate to the baby that it should be sleeping now.

  2. Your baby can develop habits around now; so make sure you give only the good ones to it!

  3. Though the developmental traits of babies are defined to be age-specific, it is important that you recognise individual differences and understand that your baby might not be like every other baby.

  4. The way your baby meets strangers would define its temperament and would guide you how you should be treating it.

  5. Babies love to be in familiar surroundings and when outside, they could get a bit fussy; but it is up to you to make it feel comfortable in all conditions!

  6. Your child’s childhood would come only once; hence, capture the most of it by taking clicks of your baby while doing various activities. Those would be your memories to cherish for lifetime!

  7. Every baby has a varying growth pattern and rate; hence, be patient and allow your child to develop in its individual manner. However, don’t stop encouraging it to learn!