Baby Development- Week 9

The latest entry in your list of things to buy for your baby are some bibs as it starts drooling now!

Physical Development:

Your baby should be nearly weighing double as much as it did at birth. Also, it should have learnt to hold its neck stable for longer durations now. However, you still can’t let it free to manage its neck yet. You might notice the baby drooling now, not as a sign of teething but of its salivary glands functioning properly. Using some bibs to wipe the saliva can be a good idea!

Baby’s Activities:

You might notice your baby trying to twist and turn in an attempt to get hold of its toys. Those are its first steps towards turning over; however, it would still take a few months to learn how to roll and turn over completely.

The Thing to Watch out:

Notice your baby’s sleep pattern around this time. It has been found that the way a baby sleeps during this time, continues throughout its childhood.


Tips for Week 9:

  1. Is that a tooth cap? Nothing to be shocked about! You might be among those rare parents whose kids start teething at this time as quite a few kids start teething early.

  2. Concerned about your baby coating its toys with drool? Keep the worries aside; the baby’s drool has proteins that prevent diseases and is hence good for it.

  3. Your baby should be sleeping for longer durations in the night now; however, you need to keep that alarm clock working as it is important to feed it at regular intervals.

  4. Try putting your baby on its tummy for some time now as it will encourage it to roll back and thus establish its body balance.

  5. It can be a risky bet putting your baby on high platforms for diaper changes when it learns to roll; so take special care while diaper changes and never leave the baby alone.

  6. You may prepare a ground-level area for your baby’s playing and diaper changes as it would prevent it from falling over high platforms accidently.

  7. Using bibs can prevent your baby’s dresses from getting spoilt; however remember taking those off during nights to avoid strangulation.