Baby Development- Week 8

Your baby is or is about to be 2 months old now and by now you are accustomed to your new role as a parent and even your baby is starting to familiarize itself with its surroundings!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s senses show a drastic development at this juncture. It would be interested in touching all things that come across it, would be attracted towards objects that are more complicated in terms of color and form and would even be diverted towards various kinds of sounds! You may help it by introducing new objects and sounds to it as this would boost its senses.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby’s developing sense of touch is drawing it towards all the objects that are placed around it. Even though it would not move towards those yet, but it would surely try to reach out. So make sure you keep the dangerous stuff out of its way.

The Thing to Watch out:

Your baby would start differentiating between the familiar and the non-familiar sounds now. Try testing this by creating some strange sound at a distance. Your baby would turn its head in the direction of the sound as a reaction.

Immunization call:

At 8 weeks, your baby is up for DTP, Hib, IPV, PCV and Rotavirus vaccines. Check with your healthcare provider about these.


Tips for Week 8:

  1. Toys are meant not only to entertain your baby but also help in its proper development. Hence, always choose age-appropriate toys for your child.

  2. Your baby would be fascinated by plastic cookie cutters and soft toys at this stage due to their colors and shapes.

  3. Your baby would have developed a routine by now and this means that you too can make yours and try to grab some time for yourself during the day.

  4. It is important that fathers too bond with the baby! To ensure this, it is crucial that you give the father some time to spend with the baby or assign some jobs exclusively to the father.

  5. A baby’s interest in its surroundings is unparalleled; however, it doesn’t realize the dangers surrounding it. It is thus your responsibility to keep dangerous objects away from it.

  6. Seeking help from a family member during the first few months of your baby’s growth can help you stay sane; so don’t hesitate in seeking it from the elders in the family or hiring it from outside!

  7. New mothers might be all geared up to start with mild exercises now to get back into their pre-pregnancy shape. Mild aerobics could be a nice pick for this!