Baby Development- Week 7

Your seven-month old baby is trying to explore the world around itself by feeling the things that come into its grasp easily or the ones that you let it hold.

Physical Development:

The tightened fists of your baby would be loosening up into open hands now. You also find your baby having an improved grasp over things that reach close to it. However, uptil now its tight grasp is just limited to the objects that you hand over to it; but soon you would have to keep things away from its reach!

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby is becoming more aware of the world around it now. To encourage its alert mind to learn about the things it sees, you may talk or sing and try to describe those things to it. Every moment that you spend with your baby could be used for this!

The Thing to Watch out:

Your baby was not able to keep its eyes fixed on moving objects uptil now; however, from now on, it would be able to do so! You may test this by moving a rattle in front of its eyes from one side to another and seeing if your baby tries to follow it or not.


Tips for Week 7:

  1. Looking for the perfect toys for your baby? At this stage, rattles and squeezy toys are the best sources for entertaining a baby.

  2. Thinking about buying a cradle or baby cot? The pros and cons of both should be thoroughly thought before making the purchase.

  3. A baby 7 month old can concentrate its eyes on the person who holds it and once it does that, a smile is sure to follow!

  4. Walking with the baby and the long hours of walking to make it fall asleep could make you feel exhausted. Soothing the baby while sitting could help you avoid extra fatigue and making the baby comfortable at the same time!

  5. A premature baby might not develop at the pace at which a full-term baby will; hence, you might have to wait a little longer for your baby to achieve milestones if your baby is a premie.

  6. Since your baby is having only milk in its diet at the moment, it might get colicky at times. It is important that you try to make your baby comfortable and sooth it in such times.

  7. Wondering about the best time to bathe a baby? Just consider the weather in your locale. It should neither be too cold not too hot a weather when you take your baby for a dip.